Dear Anthony,

Kathy, Joey and All involved with your inspiring Wheels 2 Water event
again this year at Ditch Plains in Montauk,

I am so proud and grateful for all you do---not only for paralyzed surfers but for
everyone who gets to know you. You make us want to be BETTER PEOPLE! Thank you.

With so much appreciation and admiration,


Mariann Coleman

Dear Kathy and Anthony,

Just wanted you to know that we have paid your kindness forward.  Bill Porter just
picked up
Joey's Van.  It needs a little work to ready it for him to drive it, but we are
happy to be able to give
him the independence.  We appreciate your help, the new van from the Zelenskis is
working out
great for Dustin, we are able to transport him in his power chair.  So many
wonderful people have
come into our lives to help Dustin, we want you to know how special you are.  It
gave Dustin a
great feeling to pass on the van and know that he was helping someone else.

Warm regards,

Anthony and Kathy,

A delayed but sincere thank you for our “Surf Day” in Montauk. Truly amazing what you
organize to enable an SCI person to feel something “normal”. So impressive, so heartfelt. T
and I have had such pleasure re-telling his surfing experience.
Most common response…..”unbelievable”.

Again, we thank you,

T and Maria

Dear Kathy and Anthony,

Well, thanks to you, Patrick has new wheels!     The van he had his eye
on is being outfitted for him and should be ready to roll next week.
This is just a quick update.....more to follow.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!



Thank you very much for meeting with us today.  I appreciate all that you are doing and am
thankful for the knowledge and experience that you lend to it all.  I feel confident that we will
a successful fund raiser.  And I am also grateful that my friend Helene and her family now
have a network she can reach out to.

Talk soon,

Hi Anthony / Kathy,

Sometimes its hard for me to believe Ive been injured over 17 years, the time really flies. I was
never really much of an athlete before my injury I was more into my motorcycle and hot rods, I
was also a musician and big fisherman both commercial and recreational. Much like joey when
I was in my late 20's I was way aggressive and driven for independence. I drove a car and then
later up till recently drove a pick up truck. Well you guys already know my story but Joey
reminds me of me 15 years ago. I didn't get into any of the sports my dream has always been to
build a trike and go for a ride and that will happen one day. In the meantime i would have
never thought i would ever even be slightly interested in playing rugby but like other things
you guys have inspired me to keep going. A few years ago It felt like i had the rug pulled right
out from under me. after like 12-13 years of working my ass off. anyway last year i was battling
heavily with some depression like most of my peers but ever since i met you guys you've done
a lot to turn that all around for me. I'm driven more than ever to make Lucky Laces a money
making operation, We could do a lot with the money we raise. There is a lot going on right now
and it all started with meeting you guys. just wanted to say thanks. Have a Happy Thanksgiving
and hopefully I'll see you guys next week at rugby.


Dear Anthony / Kathy,

Just an update on Len Llewellyns condition. As you
may remember from our conversation,  Len broke #4,5,6, In the pool accident.
He was unable to move his arms etc. On October 23, 2010  a fund raiser was
held for Len In the Village of Malverne. You may recall Len was a
captain in The Lynbrook Fire Department as well as a Nassau County
Sheriff. A gala was run by his brothers and sisters. "Shamrocks Of Hope" was born.
Numerous Pipe and Drum bands from uniformed services
in NYC, Nassau county and Suffolk  where in attendance. The event was
a Huge success. Subsequently additional other fund raisers where held
in Nassau and Suffolk County in Lens name. The next event will be March
19, 2011 At Rescue Hook and Ladder Co. Lynbrook Fire Department  
189 Earle Ave Lyn brook. This will co inside with the Rockville Center
St. Patrick's Day parade celebration and all are welcome.

Len now has full use of his upper body  arms hands etc.
and feelings are returning to his lower extremities in his toes
calf's buttocks. He is able to move the toes on his left foot and
can feel heat on his right. He can stand up with support. On March 1st
he will begin out patient therapy. It has been 6 months since his
accident. I want to thank you for your counseling given to us at the
beginning of this long arduous journey. We hope your son is doing well
and pray for him in addition for he full recovery of our son Len jr.

Best Wish's,

Len Llewellyn Sr.

Dear Anthony,Kathy,
I just wanted to post my testimonial for your wonderful organization that has helped me and my
mom since my accident in 2004..Being a high level quad and vent dependent I have many ups
and downs emotionally but knowing that I have you and my family with your foundation..helps
me everyday in having the courage to continue on in life!! Words cannot explain my
sentiments!!You are a true blessing...


Kim Haeg

Dear Anthony,Kathy, and Joey,

You are such an inspiration to everyone
in the Wantagh Community. I have enjoyed through the years being a
sponsor for the 5k race but never in my wildest dreams would I ever think that I
would run and participate. Anthony has been a cheerleader everyday to me at World
Gym running my 5 miles on the treadmill. I am looking forward to next years
race sponsoring and of course running again. May God bless you fine people.
I love you with all my heart and soul.

Paul Rosen

Dear Anthony/Kathy,

Thank you so much for your time this weekend. You definitely eased my mind quite a bit and
helped me and John's family sort things out. I also want to thank you for helping us get in
touch with
Bayada Nurses and for doing it so promptly. They are so friendly and helpful and we are just
keeping our fingers crossed at this point to see if his medical insurance will cover this.

Also, your upcoming Casino Night looks fantastic!!!! We are trying to attend but due to the
uncertainty of John's release from Rusk it is making it difficult to make plans in advance.

We will be in touch with you again soon. Any other info would be greatly appreciated.

Dear Mr. Testaerde,

I am Levon Airasian’s wife Penny. My husband speaks very highly of you he
enjoys talking with you.
I just wanted to thank you so much for your help with the wheelchair for Levon
it will make things easier for him.
We have so many problems now with medicaid and everything
I thank you for making Levon smile.
May God bless you and keep you and your family well. I hope some day we can meet you in
person, it would be a pleasure.
All the best



There are no words that I could write that would capture my feelings of gratitude for the
opportunity you and your 'team' afforded me yesterday.  Simply put, I had an EPIC time.  From
the vision you and Joe had to organize surfing for 'us', to the courtesy of the City of Long
Beach, to the numerous volunteers, to your fund raising efforts and your donors generosity, I

Gratefully yours,


Dear Anthony and Kathy,

Just wanted to thank you, for being angels in our lives. We so appreciate all your guidance
that you have given us and the support on behalf of our son Jay. Thank you again

Erin and Jim Burke
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