Family & Community Outreach
Family Support

Knowing the agony that families face in the aftermath of a SCI tragedy to a child, sibling or other close relative or
friend, the LISCIRC is available to provide the kind of emotional support and empathy that only those who have
been through that kind of experience can provide.  Our crisis team is prepared to visit with families, talk with them
about their ordeal, and provide information in terms of where to go for help.  Whether that’s about housing, wheel
chair accessibility issues, social security, Medicaid, we can provide answers or direct them to the appropriate
agencies to get them.

“One of the dilemma’s facing any family facing this type of crisis”, said Testaverde Fund president Ron
Quartararo, “ is having easy access to information, especially when your mind is overwhelmed with the emotion of
the situation.  We’re hoping we can help ease the pain by at least helping families cut through red tape, and lend
a supportive ear”.

Families on Long Island, in need of assistance, or who simply need to talk with someone who has experienced a
SCI injury in their family, can call our support network at
516-221-WALK between 9am and 5pm daily…or email us

Community Outreach

The LISCIRC is committed to community outreach and education.  We are developing a speaker’s bureau to
address community, civic, and fraternal organizations on Long Island.  The talks are aimed at SCI prevention, as
well as the amazing research being conducted in an effort to find a cure.  To inquire about a speaker for your
organization, please contact us at or call us at 516-221-WALK .