Long Island Spinal Cord Injury Recourse Center (LISCIRC)

LISCIRC is committed to providing education programs to junior high and high school health classes.  The programs are aimed at
prevention as well as discussing the many scientific advances in SCI research.  It is designed to fit into a one hour classroom period.

LISCIRC applied for and received a grant from the NYS Department of Health for $10,000 to produce an educational video.  (Our
thanks to Senator Chuck Fuschilla). This 20 minute stirring and informative account of Joe's experience with interviews with Dr. Wise
Young is now being shown as part of the presentation.


Most spinal cord injuries are preventable and many the result of a motor vehicle accidents or sports accidents, and many are related
to alcohol.

Joe Testaverde was 17 when he dove from the roof of a friend’s house into a swimming pool while attending a 4th of July party.  It was
only the quick thinking of two friends that went to his aid, that saved his life.

Joe, now 27, can relate well to teenagers, and he is an integral part of the educational program.  He will address students at their
level, and appeal to them to use their heads and not be stupid about drinking as well as engaging in activities that can damage you
for life.

Joe will also share tips about SCI prevention other than the obvious ones, an an entertaining and down to earth manner that kids will
enjoy and react to.

SCI Research

The second part of our education program is aimed at giving students a sense of how the medical and neuro-scientific community is
actively working on a cure.  As our group is affiliated with the Spinal Cord Injury Project at Rutgers University, we will talk to kids about
the amazing work being done there under the renowned leadership of Dr. Wise Young, director of the program.

Dr. Young is a firm believer that science has proven that the spinal cord can be repaired….Its now a matter of engineering and
money.  Dr. Young will be involved in clinical trials that will be beginning soon on new drugs and therapies to treat SCI.  This is
amazing in that only a short time ago, the conventional wisdom was that this would be impossible.

Dr. Young is a big advocate of collaboration and therefore, works with and shares information with many other institutions.  We will
aim to share some of the new breakthroughs with the kids at a level they can understand and appreciate.

For information on how you can arrange a one day presentation for your class, please call or email us at  
516-221-WALK or
Joe Testaverde and Dr. Wise Young
Joe speaking at Stimson Jr. HS in Huntington, LI.